Jharkhand Urban Transport Corporation Limited
 (An Undertaking of Government of Jharkhand)

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Objectives of JUTCOL 

  1. Major objectives of JUTCOL are:

    1. To undertake integrated planning, design and development of the public transport network and other associated activities to provide a comprehensive service to commuters.
    2. To undertake planning, site investigation, designing, development, construction, upgradation, augmentation, maintenance, operation and financing of Public Transport System
    3. To manage finances related to public transport systems
    4. To carry on business relating to maintenance and operation of public transport and to enter into contracts, either on its own or jointly with other undertaking or under public private partnerships and companies or person abroad or in India, including supply, erection, commissioning of equipment, testing, operation and maintenance and all other services ancillary thereto
    5. To design, establish, provide, maintain and perform engineering, technical and consultancy services for development of urban mass transport projects
    6. To provide technical know-how and management services to other parties for planning, designing, development, construction, maintenance, operation and financing of Public Transport Systems in India or abroad
    7. To set up, acquire and establish companies, ventures, collaborations, funds, associations, societies, trusts, partnerships or any other form of business for undertaking the above objectives and to subscribe, acquire or dispose of shares, debentures, other securities or interest therein, as may be applicable, in such companies, ventures, collaboration, funds, association, societies, trusts, partnership or any other form of business, subject to compliance of all laws, rules and regulations, directions as may be applicable in this regard from time to time