Jharkhand Urban Transport Corporation Limited
 (An Undertaking of Government of Jharkhand)

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  1. JHARKHAND URBAN TRANSPORT CORPORATION LIMITED is an unlisted public company incorporated on 20 September, 2016 with an objective to integrate planning, designing and development of the Public Transport System and other associated activities to provide comprehensive service to commuters

    'Urban transport’ (UT) is a broad name for a sector that covers a variety of modes of intra-city transport for people and goods, including walking, bicycling, non-motorised transport such as rickshaws etc, private personal transport, i.e., cars and motorbikes; public transport which could be rail- or bus-based; private-public transport such as taxis and para-transit modes among others. Urban transportation enables movement of goods and people of Jharkhand from one location to another within an urban area. 

    The cities planned with transport modes as an integrated system are more likely to evolve and prosper as centres of trade, commerce, industry, education, tourism and services. Generally, cities ranking at the top of surveys measuring urban quality of life have high quality urban transport systems that prioritize public transport and non-motorized modes.